The Camden Shakespeare Festival is a professional, non-profit theatre committed to producing Shakespeare’s plays chiefly in the Camden Amphitheatre. We believe that Shakespeare plays speak to everyone, because of their universal themes, their unforgettable characters and their extraordinary poetry. These plays are produced in association with the Camden Public Library.

William Shakespeare Profile

William Shakespeare (playwright) A young man from a small provincial town – a man without independent wealth, without powerful family connections, and without a university education – moves to London in the 1580s and, in a remarkably short time, becomes the greatest playwright not of his age alone but of all time. His works appeal to the learned and the unlettered, to urban sophisticates and provincial first-time theatregoers. He makes his audiences laugh and cry; he turns politics into poetry; he recklessly mingles vulgar clowning and philosophical subtlety. He grasps with equal penetration the intimate lives of kings and of beggars; he seems at one time to have studied law, at another theology; at another ancient history, while at the same time he effortlessly mimes the accents of country bumpkins and takes delight in old wives’ tales. -Stephen Greenblatt, Will in the World

Stephen Legawiec
(Artistic Director) In his nearly 30 years as an artistic director, Legawiec has personally supervised over 100 professional productions as well as directing over 50. He has researched world theatre in Europe and Asia and is a member of the International School of Theatre Anthropology. In 1996 he founded Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble, (now in residence in Bowdoinham, Maine) to explore the relevance of myth and ritual to a contemporary audience. Legawiec is the author of 30 plays, including Red Thread, which won the 2003 Backstage West Garland Award for Los Angeles Production of the year. In 2009, Legawiec traveled to Wroclaw, Poland as a core artistic participant in The World is a Place of Truth – a UNESCO-sponsored event as part of the International Grotowski Festival.

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