Romeo and Juliet opens July 26 in The Camden Amphitheatre

ROMEO AND JULIET, Shakespeare’s story of unquenchable love has resonated throughout every culture for 400 years. The children of two families – sworn enemies – defy the stars with their forbidden romance. The extremes of love and hate bubble over in a story that is by turns, romantic, funny and chilling.

Please Note: Romeo and Juliet contains scenes of simulated violence, which may be too intense for younger audience members.

Much Ado About Nothing opens July 30 in High Mountain Hall

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is the ultimate battle of the sexes. Beatrice and Benedick can’t stand love and can’t stand each other. So what is left but for their friends to get them to fall for each other? Romance, Insults and mistaken identity are all part of Shakespeare’s most scintillating comedy.

Full schedule:

Romeo and Juliet – Wednesday, July 26 at 6pm
Romeo and Juliet – Thursday, July 27 at 6pm
Romeo and Juliet – Friday, July 28 at 6pm
Romeo and Juliet – Saturday, July 29 at 6pm (this performance will be indoors*)
Much Ado About Nothing – Sunday, July 30 at 7pm

Much Ado About Nothing – Tuesday, August 1 at 7pm
Much Ado About Nothing – Wednesday, August 2 at 7pm
Romeo and Juliet – Thursday, August 3 at 6pm
Romeo and Juliet – Friday, August 4 at 6pm
Much Ado About Nothing – Saturday, August 5 at 7pm
Romeo and Juliet – Sunday, August 6 at 6pm

Romeo and Juliet – Wednesday, August  9 at 6pm
Much Ado About Nothing – Thursday, August 10 at 7pm
Much Ado About Nothing – Friday, August 11 at 7pm
Romeo and Juliet – Saturday, August 12 at 6pm
Romeo and Juliet – Sunday, August 13 at 6pm

*Please note: The Saturday July 29 performance of Romeo and Juliet will play indoors at St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church (33 Chestnut Street in Camden) regardless of the weather.

What if it rains? The show will go on, rain or shine 

In the event of heavy rain, we will perform in our indoor venue at St Thomas’s Episcopal Church, 33 Chestnut Street in Camden.   Because of limited seating at the rain venue, we will give priority seating to those who have purchased tickets in advance, and then to those who have made reservations, in the order that the reservations were received. For those ticketholders who are only interested in seeing the play performed outdoors, we will honor their tickets at any future performance. In the event that heavy rain or lightning begins during a performance, we reserve the right to delay, pause or cancel the performance. Tickets will be honored at a future performance

When will the decision to perform indoors be made? 

On days when rain is forecast, we will make the decision to perform outside by 4pm at the latest. Please check our Facebook page or website for rain information on show days. That is the only place that it will be posted.