Opening July 25 2018

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night will be performed in the Camden Amphitheatre, 55 Main Street

Twelfth Night has the funniest characters Shakespeare ever put into a play. And it has these eccentric plotlines:

  1. Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Girl who dresses as Boy.
  2. Boy loves Girl. Boy dresses in yellow stockings to impress Girl. Boy get put in insane asylum.
  3. Boy loves Girl. Boy is an idiot.


Opening July 28 2018

Othello will be performed at St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church, 33 Chestnut Street

Othello, along with Hamlet, King Lear and Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies.  Othello, A black general, marries a white aristocrat.Their love is true, deep and eternal. Or is it? A treacherous soldier uses Othello’s “otherness” as a way to insinuate that she can’t be faithful to him. Othello is a blistering drama that will stay with you long after the curtain comes down.

Please note: We are not recommending Othello to kids under the age of 13, as the show contains depictions of violence and murder. However, we understand that all kids are different and have varying theatre-going experiences. Please contact us for more details about the show if you are considering taking your child to see Othello.

Full Schedule

Twelfth Night – July 25, Wednesday at 6pm

Twelfth Night – July 26, Thursday at 6pm

Twelfth Night – July 27, Friday at 6pm

Othello – July 28, Saturday at 7pm

Othello – July 29, Sunday at 7pm

Othello – August 1, Wednesday at 7pm

Twelfth Night – August 2, Thursday at 6pm

Twelfth Night – August 3, Friday at 6pm

Twelfth Night – August 4, Saturday at 6pm

Othello – August 5, Sunday at 7pm

Twelfth Night – August 8, Wednesday at 6pm

Othello – August 9, Thursday at 7pm

Othello – August 10, Friday at 7pm

Twelfth Night – August 11, Saturday at 6pm

Twelfth Night – August 12, Sunday at 6pm





What if it rains? The show will go on, rain or shine 

In the event of heavy rain, we will perform in our indoor venue at St Thomas’s Episcopal Church, 33 Chestnut Street in Camden.   Because of limited seating at the rain venue, we will give priority seating to those who have purchased tickets in advance, and then to those who have made reservations, in the order that the reservations were received. For those ticketholders who are only interested in seeing the play performed outdoors, we will honor their tickets at any future performance. In the event that heavy rain or lightning begins during a performance, we reserve the right to delay, pause or cancel the performance. Tickets will be honored at a future performance

When will the decision to perform indoors be made? 

On days when rain is forecast, we will make the decision to perform outside by 4pm at the latest. Please check our Facebook page or website for rain information on show days. That is the only place that it will be posted.